2/22 Messy Thotz

2/28 RpdR viewing party at Mood Ring

3/3 Sunday Aesthetic at Sanger Hall

3/8 Femme Party

​3/10 Court of Filth

3/15 Femme Party


dj jclef instagram photo

2/24 Iconic Drag Competition

DJ JCLEF nyc best dj glam award winner lgbt trans transman transfag gay activist community drag

One Drink Minimum at 11pm

*Buy a drink and bring your number on a flash drive to perform.

DJ JCLEF - New York City's #1 trans fag dj

2/23 Thotz & Prayerz

Meow Mixx afab drag queen the vault bk dance

Tuesdays at Rockbar

Mondays - Meow Mixx