I have been doing gigs with Dj j clef for a little over a year now. His professionalism, knowledge and expertise of the music industry, Dj equipment, sound mixing and editing and overall skill level are nothing short of stellar and fantastic. On multiple occasions he has helped me mix music for performances, sometimes very last minute, done it so well and graciously and has been so willing to do it every time. He and I have very similar taste in music so the selections he plays at events in between performances always bring a smile to my face and make me dance my butt off. I wish he could do every event I have! - Little Miss Rollerhoops

DJ J Clef, isnt't a DJ, he is a magician. His spellbinding skills set the mood for any party or event. You will not find a DJ who can do what he does. If you want your party or event to be a success and have people dancing, your best bet is to get DJ J Clef. - Kevin Stackhouse

J: has been producing music for me for over a year now, and I have always been overly impressed with his work. Not only is he incredibly punctual, he is also very precise! If you are looking for a new sound in your venue, J: mixes to entertain all audiences. He's sensational! -Kashi Go'Lean

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J: is the first and foremost authority on music for me. He knows how to blend music in a way that just entrances an audience. He's personally made many mixes for me that I have performed all over the country in clubs, ranging from Florida all the way to NYC. When people hear them, they ask me, "Who made that?!" 

Besides being incredibly personable, J: will be upfront and honest with you about everything, and works in a timely manner.  You will not be dissatisfied if you hire him.

-Pacifica Rim

I've used DJ J: for many events of all types and have been 100% pleased with the professionalism and enthusiasm he provides. He is always willing to sit down and go over the type of music and vibe I am looking for as well as help out above and beyond normal DJ duties.

-Chuck (Chained By Chuck)

J: has been Djing my weekly show Dames and Gents of the Ave for almost two years..with out him the show could never be..the energy he brings week after week is unreal... He has also started with me my Burlesque on the ROCKS Show...a different beast that he had no problem adapting to... Also up for suggestion and wanting to learn and grow. I truly could and would not put on these shows with out them... He gives me a voice and music to dance to... from all the mixes  has done over the years and to everything in between... He has been a gift and a great friend both personal and professional.

-Chardonnay LaTease

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I had the pleasure of working with J: this past Friday at Higher Ground's April First Friday show featuring Joslyn Fox from RuPaul's Drag Race season 6. It was a wonderful experience; the music was great, the crowd was pumped up, the energy was amazing! I would love for J: to come DJ for another First Friday show- it will be a blast! 

- Aurora

DJ J: is amaaazing. He kept our dance floor motivated and moving. It never slowed down. He is super professional and an absolute pleasure to work with . I cannot wait till the next time he graces us at First Friday. 

​-Noah Dictive